Public Transportation in Rhodes: A Guide for Travelers

Untitled design 2024 02 20T101021.644 First-Time Visitors travel tips for Rhodes
First-Time Visitors travel tips for Rhodes
June 9, 2024
Lindos Rhodes 9 The Ultimate Seasonal Guide: Best Time to Visit Rhodes
The Ultimate Seasonal Guide: Best Time to Visit Rhodes
June 9, 2024
Untitled design 2024 02 20T101021.644 First-Time Visitors travel tips for Rhodes
First-Time Visitors travel tips for Rhodes
June 9, 2024
Lindos Rhodes 9 The Ultimate Seasonal Guide: Best Time to Visit Rhodes
The Ultimate Seasonal Guide: Best Time to Visit Rhodes
June 9, 2024


When preparing to travel to the majestic island of Rhodes, transportation planning is often an overlooked yet essential aspect of any itinerary. The isle of the Knights is as known for its stunning beaches and historical landmarks as it is for its transport diversity.

From the intricate network of buses to the convenience of taxis, each mode offers a unique way to explore the island. This guide is meticulously crafted to ensure your travel in Rhodes is seamless, informed, and rich with the experiences it offers.

Public Transportation in Rhodes: A Tourists’ Best Friend

The picturesque setting of Rhodes may charm you into thinking that you can traverse the entire island by foot, marveling at its beauty at every step. But the truth is, Rhodes is vast, and its treasures are as scattered as they are awe-inspiring. The public transportation system comprising buses, and taxis unfurls a tapestry of sustainable travel possibilities that every tourist should consider.

Rhodes Transport Organization oversees the island’s bus services, a lifeline for travelers venturing across towns and villages. The buses are not only punctual but also provide a budget-friendly alternative for those seeking to travel at ease.

The benefits of using public transportation in Rhodes extend beyond economic convenience. For the environmentally conscious, it’s a significant step towards minimizing the ecological footprint of your holiday.

Rhodes Buses

To board a Rhodes bus is to open the door of adventure. Routes link Rhodes Town with destinations like Faliraki, Lindos, and the Butterfly Valley. A single ticket grants you passage to the Byzantine charm of Rhodes Town or the turquoise bays of Kallithea.

Fares are typically reasonable, and ticket kiosks are available at key bus stops, making it incredibly convenient to pay your way. Additionally, buses are equipped with up-to-date schedules and ticket services, making the entire process predictable and stress-free.

The bus stations in Rhodes are more than just stops; they are gateways that lead to the island’s magnificent landscapes and historical sites. The central bus station, located in Rhodes Town, acts as the main hub for domestic and intercity bus services. It’s meticulously designed to aid travellers in navigating their routes with ease, providing clear signage and helpful information boards.

At this station, you can find detailed maps, schedules, and brochures that outline the routes, including times and final destinations. This information is invaluable for planning day trips to the island’s numerous attractions or even for figuring out the logistics of a more extended stay.

Staff members are available to assist with queries, offering advice on the best routes to take to reach your desired location efficiently. With their guidance, even first-time visitors can confidently use the public transport system to explore the beauty of Rhodes.

Purchasing Your Tickets in the City of Rhodes

It is imperative for travellers to note that boarding a bus in Rhodes requires a valid ticket, as ticketless travel is not permitted under any circumstances. Unlike some transportation systems where fares can be paid onboard, Rhodes mandates that tickets must be acquired prior to boarding. This requirement underscores the importance of planning and ensures a smooth, hassle-free travel experience.

Tickets can be purchased from a variety of locations, including designated ticket kiosks found at major bus stations and some convenience stores spread across the island. These kiosks offer an intuitive way to select and buy the right ticket for your intended destination, with options ranging from single journeys to day passes that provide unlimited travel within specific zones. For added convenience, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance, especially during the peak tourist season when longer queues can be expected.

  • Navigating by public transportation in Rhodes is easy with tailored ticket options.
  • In the City of Rhodes, automatic vendors in Nea Agora provide a simple way to buy tickets.
  • For personalized service, visit central ticket offices (kiosk) in Nea Agora or call 2241026300 for help.
  • Professionals needing bulk travel arrangements can go to central offices of DES Roda at Agios Ioannis 54, Rhodes.
  • Other ticket locations include kiosks at Platanakia (Noumerou), Agioi Apostoloi, Roda Bus Station at Agios Ioannis, and PSILICOCO Mini Market near Psaropoula.
  • More kiosks are at Rodini-Konstantinoupoleos (near the 15th Primary School), Iliya Venezis (near the 4th High School), and Tsaldari (Karakousis).
  • Tickets are also sold at mini markets like Athenon (GEORGAS SPANOS IOANNIS) and Mich. Petridis (PAPASTAMATIOU I. SEVASTI) and others across the city.

Connecting through Taxis

For those who prefer on-demand travel, taxis in Rhodes offer a timely alternative. Not only can taxis be hailed from most streets or found at designated taxi ranks, but they are also a comfortable option for groups or individuals with varied time constraints.

Rhodes taxis, painted in a distinct blue and white livery, can be trusted to adhere to a regulated fare structure, and most metered taxis are fair to a fault. They cater to the vast expanse of the island, and knowledgeable drivers may enrich your experience with local insights.

In Rhodes, taxi stations—or ranks—are strategically located throughout the island to serve both locals and tourists effectively. The most prominent taxi station is found in Rhodes Town, serving as a central point for catching a taxi at any time of the day. This station is particularly convenient for visitors staying in or around the town and serves as a reliable starting point for expeditions to other parts of the island.

Additional taxi ranks are situated near major attractions, hotels, and public spaces, ensuring that a ride is never too far away. For instance, taxi stands near the entrance of the Old Town, various luxury resorts, and the airport, facilitate easy transitions from sightseeing to relaxation or from arrival to the beginning of an island adventure.

Passengers can either hail a taxi from these ranks or book in advance through phone services provided by taxi companies. This system is especially beneficial during peak tourist seasons or late at night, when finding a taxi spontaneously might be more challenging. The drivers stationed at these ranks are knowledgeable about the island’s geography, offering not just a ride but a gateway to discovering Rhodes’ hidden gems.

Taxi Pricing Overview in Rhodes

Understanding the taxi pricing in Rhodes is crucial for planning your travel budget efficiently. Rates are regulated and transparent, making it easier for visitors to estimate the cost of their journeys accurately. Here are key details regarding taxi fares:

  • Base Fare: The starting price for any taxi ride is set, providing a foundation upon which the total cost of the trip is built.
  • Kilometre Rate: Charges per kilometre are applied once the taxi begins to move, with a distinct differentiation between day and night tariffs to account for varying demand.
  • Waiting Time: In cases where the taxi is stationary at the customer’s request, or when travelling at very slow speeds, a waiting rate per hour is charged.
  • Special Destinations: Fares for popular destinations such as the Rhodes International Airport, the Port of Rhodes, and other significant tourist attractions are often fixed and should be confirmed with the driver before departure.
  • Additional Passengers: Standard rates cover a specific number of passengers (typically four), with no extra charge for additional riders up to the taxi’s capacity limit.
  • Luggage Charges: Standard luggage that fits within the vehicle’s trunk is typically included in the fare, but oversized or excessive quantities of luggage may incur additional charges.

For a seamless travel experience, it is advisable to discuss and confirm the fare with the taxi driver prior to starting your journey. This not only ensures clarity but also helps in avoiding any misunderstandings.

Rental Cars and Motorcycles: The Call of the Open Road

Renting a vehicle grants a level of freedom that is hard to match. While public transport offers structured itineraries, rental cars and motorcycles pitch travelers into the driver’s seat of their adventure.

Flexibility and Exploration

Whether it’s the scenic route to Monolithos Castle on a motorcycle, or a family road trip to the Acropolis of Lindos in a rented car, mobility amplifies your exploration.

Rental vehicles offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to venture off the beaten path and discover the authentic charm of rural Rhodes at your pace. However, it comes with responsibilities—familiarize yourself with the Greek traffic laws, always carry your driver’s license, and ensure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Tips for Renting

Local car rental agencies are plentiful and are often the more cost-effective choice. However, international chains provide a certain level of standardization and comfort if that’s on your travel agenda.

When renting, it’s crucial to inspect the vehicle, understand the insurance implications, and note down any pre-existing damages on the documentation. Preparation is key, and having the rental sorted before arrival is advisable during the island’s busy seasons.

Private Transfers: Seamlessness Meets Comfort

For the ultimate in comfort and a touch of luxury, private transfers present an attractive option. Sit back and relish the sights as a professional chauffeur transports you from the airport to your resort, or even on day excursions across the island.

A Touch of Elegance

Private transfers offer door-to-door service, making them the epitome of convenience, particularly for those with special arrangements or large amounts of luggage. While this form of travel may be more expensively, the comfort and exclusivity it provides can be worth the investment.

Choosing the Right Service

There is a multitude of transfer services available in Rhodes, and it’s essential to do your research to select a reliable and reputable company. Consider reading reviews, asking for recommendations, and confirming details and qutoes before your arrival.


Every mode of public transportation in Rhodes offers a unique way to explore the island. From buses to private vehicles, travelers can choose based on time, convenience, and personal preference. Plan your itinerary around these transport options for a diverse experience. Visit for updates and the official Rhodes website for more informations. Enjoy the rhythms and sights of Rhodes’ public transport for an enriching journey.