Rhodes Island: The Ultimate Guide for Nature and Adventure Lovers

Ithaca C When Vangelis, Cavafy and Sean Connery "met" in ... "Ithaca" (sound spot)
When Vangelis, Cavafy and Sean Connery “met” in … “Ithaca” (sound spot)
May 21, 2022
alexander jawfox nSgZguW4W3c unsplash scaled A Day on the Water: The Best Way to See Rhodes
A Day on the Water: The Best Way to See Rhodes
February 24, 2023
Ithaca C When Vangelis, Cavafy and Sean Connery "met" in ... "Ithaca" (sound spot)
When Vangelis, Cavafy and Sean Connery “met” in … “Ithaca” (sound spot)
May 21, 2022
alexander jawfox nSgZguW4W3c unsplash scaled A Day on the Water: The Best Way to See Rhodes
A Day on the Water: The Best Way to See Rhodes
February 24, 2023

Rhodes Island is the perfect destination for nature and adventure lovers. With its stunning landscapes and plethora of outdoor activities, there is something for everyone here. In this article, we will explore three of the best outdoor activities in Rhodes Island: hiking, cycling, and diving. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

4x4 Polaris Buggy Off-Road Adventure

Embark on an exciting off-road adventure in a Polaris RZ 0750 Buggy. Starting at the meeting point, you can choose between day or evening tours to experience the breathtaking views of Rhodes. You'll race through mountain ranges and romantic villages, taking in all the unique wildlife, plants and flora that make this Greek island so special. Take time to try some of the local products such as honey, olive oil and souma along your journey. When your tour is complete, you'll have the option to explore more of this beautiful island on your own - don't miss out on what Rhodes has to offer!

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor activity during your visit to the island, then look no further! A guided tour with Polaris is an amazing opportunity to explore the local area and get off the beaten track.

Discover some amazing natural wonders in untraveled parts of the island and discover hidden gems like a family home, where you can sample local produce made from all-natural ingredients.

Our guide was an absolute pleasure to be around - he was attentive, accommodating and beyond helpful during our journey. We were able to try things we wouldn't have dreamed of, including delicious samples of homemade honey which was a serene treat for our taste buds! Without any doubt, we had a fantastic day and would highly recommend booking this activity as it promises unforgettable memories that will stay long after your trip ends!

Small Group Hike and Sunset at Monolithos Castle

Ready to explore the wild and scenic Monolithos Bay on Rhodes Island? Sign up for a guided small group hike that will take you to Monolithos Castle and its unforgettable views. The tour begins in Monolithos Village, where a picturesque walk leads down to a rocky red beach, tucked away between tall coastal cliffs. Make sure to spend some time admiring the idyllic waters of the bay before heading up again – but this time towards Monolithos Castle. Situated atop an imposing volcanic rock platform and rising 236 meters above sea level, the castle is reached by a steep climb through luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. Once at the top, marvel at the ruins of ancient fortifications that still remain from Monolithos's past and take time to admire the sun setting over the Aegean Sea!

A stroll through Monolithos Castle in Rhodes is truly an unforgettable experience! Exploring the ruins with a small group and enjoying a gorgeous sunset, the scenery here takes your breath away. Our guide Elisa really put together a great excursion - we got to venture among the ruins as well as indulge in savory Greek snacks like feta cheese, olives, bread, and Retsina. If you ever find yourself in Rhodes, Monolithos Castle and its famous sunset should definitely be on your list!

  • Experience a wild and remote side of Rhodes on this guided hiking tour
  • Discover a secluded red sand bay which is only accessible on foot
  • Visit the Monolithos Castle which is situated on a towering monolith
  • Take in stunning views of the setting sun overlooking the Aegean Sea
  • Explore the western part of the island of Rhodes on a guided hiking tour

Hiking Tour to the Summit of Akramitis with Photos

Akramitis tour on Rhodes is an off-the-beaten-track experience that offers an unforgettable day of hiking and stunning sights. Departing from your hotel, you'll ascend green slopes under cypress trees and eventually clamber over the rocks which make up your path to Akramitis summit. On the ascent, your guide will lead you to many amazing photo opportunities of the western coast of this beautiful island. Capture images as a picture perfect memory of your Akramitis tour, and revel in the feeling at the summit – it's a view you won't forget!

After a vigorous trek uphill, you arrive at the meadow-like area of Akramitis mountain and your first stop is an old chapel of St John to savor delicious Greek pies. Then it's time to tackle the peak and to be rewarded with breathtaking views of Rhodes, the nearby islands, Apollakia lake and Attaviros from the summit. During Spring, an array of pretty flowers, fragrant herbs and rare Rhodian Orchids line your path as you make your ascent. Akramitis Tour enables travelers to explore this hidden gem of an island at a comfortable pace with knowledgeable guides.

Apart from offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea and its surrounding islands, a tour to Akramitis also comes with trained guides who provide interesting information about the area. The trail isn't too hard to tackle; although it does require some strength and stamina, the first third of the hike is especially demanding. Regardless of this, taking photos on Akramitis' summit will be a highlight - but make sure to wear appropriate shoes like sneakers instead of sandals or flip-flops!

All in all, Akramitis' tour makes for a rewarding adventure and should not be missed out on when visiting Rhodes.

  • Conquer the second highest mountain on Rhodes on a guided trek
  • Explore forests, meadows, and rocky peaks inside a Natura 2000 protected area
  • Admire 360-degree views of the Dodecanese Islands from the top
  • Enjoy traditional snacks, souvenir photos and all trekking equipment included.
  • Reconnect with nature while enjoying the area's plants and flowers
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off 
  • Trekking guide
  • Water, Traditional snack & Souvenir Photo
  • First aid kits and necessary equipment

Farma of Rhodes Petting Zoo

A unique interactive experience with animals starts from here! Play, feed or take a selfie with ostriches, llamas, kangaroos, ponies, deers, camels and many many more!If you like being with animals Farma of Rhodes is totally one of the best things to do while in Rhodes!

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