The flames are girdling Rhodes

Untitled design 2023 07 10T110929.161 The old silk workshop in Kattavia, Rhodes
The old silk workshop in Kattavia, Rhodes
July 10, 2023
nick morales BwYcH78rcpI unsplash Which flights are departing in the next few hours to facilitate tourists
Which flights are departing in the next few hours to facilitate tourists
July 24, 2023
Untitled design 2023 07 10T110929.161 The old silk workshop in Kattavia, Rhodes
The old silk workshop in Kattavia, Rhodes
July 10, 2023
nick morales BwYcH78rcpI unsplash Which flights are departing in the next few hours to facilitate tourists
Which flights are departing in the next few hours to facilitate tourists
July 24, 2023


The situation with the fires in South Rhodes is out of control, as the two fire lines are currently burning in Gennadi and Vati.

The situation is extremely dangerous and for this reason the entire fire brigade and a large number of volunteers have been deployed to the two fronts in an attempt to stop them.

The fire front in Asclepius, which is burning houses, remains uncontrolled.

24/7/2023: 13:05   Dangerous reignitions at this time on the fire front from Platania to Malona

Volunteers continue to give battle to the fire front from Platania towards Malona, while two rekindled fires at this time have raised the "alarm".

According to information from "Rodiaki" the fire burning in the area from Platania to Malona, crossed the main road in the direction of Malona.

24/7/2023 08:00

Firefighters and volunteers fought an all-night battle with the flames in order not to pass the front of the fire that burns Rhodes for the 7th day

Young people, volunteers and firefighters, fought a tough overnight battle on the two fronts that animated villages in Rhodes, thus managing to deal with the situation, which however continues to be critical.

At first light, the picture presented by the course of the fire burning in Rhodes for the 7th day was disheartening, as the fiery nightmare left behind huge areas that turned into charcoal.

During the night, two fronts moved to the village of Asklipio, where they are raging until this hour, a third between Massari and Malona, while rekindled fires occurred successively in several places between Apollo and Platanias, which were also tackled by the forest firefighting teams.

At this time (6:30) the situation remains extremely serious as winds of 4 to 5 Beaufort are blowing in the area and temperatures will remain very high today. In a few hours, water drops are expected to start from the aircraft and helicopters that remain in Rhodes.

25/7/2023 : The major fire fronts in Rhodes are in partial remission but no one is complacent yet - Continual reignitions are recorded

The coordinated overnight battle that volunteers and firefighters throughout Rhodes, in the fields of the fire fronts, managed to prevent the worst and prevent the fire from progressing to the villages and residential areas.

However, no one is complacent, since the rekindling is constant in many places where the fires had passed and can flare up again at any time.

However, it is the first day, after the nightmarish days and nights that followed, that those on the fire ground are expressing cautious optimism that perhaps today will be a better situation and the fire fronts will begin to come under partial control.

All of this, of course, did not happen by chance, since during last night's battle last night, the battle fought by firefighters and volunteers, in collaboration with community leaders and residents of our villages, was coordinated and decisive.

Speaking to Rodia this morning, the community mayor of Vati, Mr. Vassilis Kalapodakis, pointed out that the fire front that threatened Vati, was dealt with after the overnight efforts made, but nevertheless no one is still complacent.

Today is characterized by all, however, critical and decisive for the development of the fires in Rhodes, which for the 8th day are testing our island hard.

The huge embrace that the Rhodians opened to the foreign tourists who are in Rhodes for holidays and who were forced to move from their hotels to safe places, because of the fires that swept our region in recent days, was the first topic of reference in the British media.

The islanders, wanting to offer what they can to the tourists who have been forced to cut short their holidays and move away from their hotels, have provided shelter, food and water to those affected by the fire.

Some have already returned to their countries while others remain in Rhodes. Many of the tourists who were in the country were from Britain.

First trending word #Rhodes

So when they returned they spoke about their experience to the British media, mostly thanking the locals and saying they were heroes.

Many tourists chose Twitter to express their gratitude, making the word #Rhodes the first trending word on British Twitter.

Specifically, tourists who were in Rhodes during the fires wanted to praise the hospitality and kindness of the island's locals who helped them.

"All this was provided by locals, local restaurants and businesses in Afandou, #Rhodes #rhodesfire. Grateful, without words. Thank you," reads one tweet.

"We evacuated the settlement of Afandou and locals provided food, drinks, toys and diapers for the children, and helped us find taxis/bus to our hotels as travel companies were absent."

"Two amazing locals who kindly offered to take us north of the island to safety! We will be forever grateful to them. Despite what they are going through, they wanted to help us #rhodesfire #rhodes," another tweet said.

Another couple who were on their honeymoon in Rhodes with their son said the following:

"The Greek people were incredible. They are so kind. We are currently at a lady's house (complete stranger) so Otis can sleep in her daughter's room."

Tourists talk to the BBC

Speaking to the BBC, a British family said that the fact that some locals had hosted them in their home had "restored their faith in human kindness".

In particular, Caryn Savazzi said that some volunteers even offered hugs to the stricken tourists who arrived by Saturday night, as well as providing them with food, shelter and water.

She said she, her husband and two young sons were preparing to sleep on the floor of a school when a volunteer came to ask if there was a family of four among those who wanted shelter.

She told the BBC: "I don't know, I don't know... My husband put his hand up. We were the only family of four there. The volunteer said a local family had room for us in their home. Now we live with them near Rhodes. One man took us back to his house, where his wife was still awake at 2.30am, making up the sofa for us so we could sleep."

"The local Greeks were absolutely amazing"

Another Devon woman who returned safely from Rhodes said the locals were doing an "amazing job" and were "incredibly compassionate" with tourists trying to escape the fires.

A couple from Northern Ireland holidaying in Rhodes described the terrifying experience of being evacuated from their hotel, which was threatened by fire. Bridget Davidson and her husband Robert escaped the flames on foot.

They said hotel staff gave them wet towels with water as they were leaving the hotel.

"A very, very nice hotel owner took pity on us when we arrived by boat this morning and gave us a room - at no charge whatsoever. The local Greeks were absolutely amazing."

"The people here are heroes."

In addition, the BBC's Rhodes correspondent Azadeh Moshiri reported that one tourist with tears in his eyes said:

"Please tell everyone that the people here are heroes. They are heroes."

She wrote:

"Airport staff have set up a food distribution station that is regularly filled with water, hot food, biscuits and peanut butter. They even supply sanitary napkins for families who have had to stay overnight at the airport. I overhear an airport worker telling a tourist: "Whenever you need it, it's here. As we spend the day at the airport, reporting on the repatriation flights, Rhodes airport workers surprise us with chairs, telling us it will make us more comfortable, while an airport shopkeeper goes up and down the departures floor, offering tourists more water."