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Rhodes is a Greek island with 300 days of brilliant sunshine each year. Rhodes has up to 13 hours of sunshine per day during the summer, when it's the warmest season. The average temperature in June and September is 25°C, peaking at 27°C in August. You could witness a heatwave from North Africa's Sahara Desert.If this occurs, prepare the suncream and anticipate temperatures to rise into the high-30s. The summer season is unusually dry, which is fantastic if you want to spend all day on the beach and soak up the gorgeous sunshine.

If the summer heat is too much for you, consider going outside of these months, when it's still hot but less so. On Rhodes, average temperatures begin to drop in the early autumn and reach a low of 18°C in November.After dark, temperatures are expected to drop to around 14°C, so a light jacket would come in useful. In October and November, Rhodes weather is more rainy than it is during the summer; 68mm of rain fell in October and 105mm in November.

Rhodes' winter season is from December to February, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 16°C and rainfall of 141mm in December, which is the wettest month.The temperature of the water in the sea during autumn ranges between 21°C and 17°C; however, it dips to just 17°C in January, making it impossible to swim. In the spring, when temperatures begin to rise once again, daily averages reach about 17° C in March and highs of 23° C by the end of May.

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit because it offers almost 11 hours of sunshine each day, which allows for extended days spent in the sun and seeing all of Rhodes's best sites. In terms of rainfall, you'll need a raincoat for the beginning of the season, which has 81mm of rain per month and drops to 9mm in May.


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What’s the weather like in Rhodes in December?
Visiting Rhodes in December is the perfect option for those looking to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The weather during daytime will be mild, but colder at night time so you’ll need your clothes with some extra layers!December is one of the coldest months with an average daily temperature of 16°C. However, this often rises to 16°C on good days, before dropping to around 11°C at night. Since it’s winter, the days are much shorter with an average of nine hours of sunshine per day.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in January?
If you want to enjoy a trip in the winter months, it is important that you come prepared for any weather. January can be one of the wettest and coolest due to an increase on precipitation compared with other seasons of year so make sure your clothes have some layers! There's still plenty sunshine throughout this time which means 50% will bring those warm smiles back onto our faces again.In January, the average temperature in Rhodes is a mild 13ºC, with highs of 15ºC and lows of 10ºC.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in February?
Although it’s usually not too hot in Rhodes, this time of year the average temperature is around 13 degrees Celsius with highs reaching up to 15ºC. February rains bring 100mm worth which can make for some cool evenings and damp mornings making waterproof jackets necessary when you plan on visiting Aegean Sea beaches during these months as water temperatures stay just below 16° C (61 °F).


What’s the weather like in Rhodes in March?
In March, the Greek Dodecanese island of Rhodes is only just warming up after the winter months, with mild and occasionally wet weather. With temperatures hovering around 13°C during the day in March, Rhodes is still quite cool at this time of year.At night, the temperature drops to 10°C, so you’ll need warm layers for the chilly evenings.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in April?
The average high in Rhodes is 20ºC, which is perfectly warm enough to spend the day at a beach. It can get quite cool at night though so you will need some warmer clothes for evening parties or events! The sea temperature ranges from 16-19 ºC with humidity around 60%.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in May?
You can expect a lot of sun and not much rain if you’re going in May, with summer fast approaching.The average high temperature in Rhodes during May is 24ºC, which cools to 15ºC at night. The expected sea temperature’s 19ºC, while humidity’s low and rainfall’s typically just 9mm over three rainy days.


What’s the weather like in Rhodes in June?
Things are cooler and wetter inland so you’ll probably want to stay on the coast. Cool winds arrive at the Aegean from the north, but don’t bring any rain. The average high in Rhodes is 29ºC in June, which falls to a pleasant 19ºC at night. The sea’s great for cooling down in with a temperature of 22ºC, while humidity’s moderate. There’s not usually any rain in June, so you can look forward to 13 long hours of sunshine from 15 hours of daylight each day. Look after yourself in the sun as UV levels will be very high. Sunset’s just before 8.30pm.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in July?
With the weather being so great, it's easy to spend days in one spot. With a nice temperature all day long and into evening hours as well, there’s no shortage of time for exploring historical sites or enjoying outdoor activities!In July, the average temperature in Rhodes is a hot 26°C, and with peaks of around 29°C this is a great time of year to spend long days on the beach. Temperatures only drop to a low of 23°C in the evening.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in August?
If you love swimming in the sea or doing water sports, then this is a great time to vacation on Mediterranean shores. You will not regret your decision when it comes down for summer!In the daytime, Rhodes has an average temperature of 27°C. With highs of 29°C, you’ll need to be careful in the sun by wearing lots of sun cream and staying in the shade between 11am and 3pm. At night the temperature drops only slightly to 24°C, so the evenings are still warm enough for summer clothes. On average each day in August sees 12 hours of sunshine, while the sea’s lovely and warm at 25°C.


What’s the weather like in Rhodes in September?
You’ll get lots of warm and sunny weather with hardly any rain if you’re going in September.The average high in Rhodes is 28ºC in September, and things stay nice and warm in the evenings so you don’t need to worry about bringing many warm clothes.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in Octomber?
The average high temperature in Rhodes during October is 24ºC, which is perfectly warm enough to enjoy the beach. It’s still pleasant in the evenings but you should pack a warmer jumper as temperatures tend to cool to 16ºC at night. The average sea temperature’s 23ºC, while humidity’s low and ranges from around 50% to slightly above 80%. Average rainfall starts to pick up after the dry summer, with an average of 68mm over five rainy days.
What’s the weather like in Rhodes in November?
In November, the weather on the island’s warm and sunny, making this a great month to explore and relax on the beaches, as long as you don’t mind the occasional short-lived rain shower.In November, the average temperature in Rhodes is 21°C, making this a warm but not overly hot month on the island. In the afternoon, temperatures reach an average high of 24°C, dropping to a low of 18°C overnight.